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The Khazfista Story

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Gehad and her family from the heart of Faiyum! Gehad is one of the pupils of the renowned Evelyne Porret, a European artist who started teaching the craft of pottery in Faiyum.


When Gehad launched her private business called Khazfista, we immediately saw the value in her work. We now collaborate with her to provide us with beautiful pottery and accessories for our products. Her creations will beautify your home! It is truly heart-warming for us to develop personal relationships with Faiyumi artisans and their families.


Hathor helps artisan partners like Gehad to make decisions about their work, while also providing the opportunity to be seen in the global marketplace. We never interfere with the design or production process. Instead, we provide a platform for artisan-made pieces to be sold online. Through this dignified job opportunity, Faiyumi artisans can lift themselves out of poverty by doing something they love.

Her products will enrich your skincare routines and at home and turn them into beauty rituals! Shop now!

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