• SAFE & GENTLE:- Natural Ingredients That Are Harmless for Humans But Unbearable for Bugs Help to Make This an Ideal Bug Spray for Kids. Take Your Little Ones Abroad With No Worries, Safe in the Knowledge You Are Protected By A Gentle Baby Bug Spray/Plant Based Mosquito Repellent for Kids
  • VERSATILE & RELIABLE:- Not Just For Mosquitos, This Bug Spray Is Also a Powerful Horse Fly Spray, Tick Repellent, Gnat Repellent, & Keeps Away Midges & More, All Without Damaging Your Health, The Environment or The Ozone Layer
  • EPA and EDA Regulatory Compliance, Deet- Free, Refreshing Herbal Scent, Fine Mist Spray, Alcohol Free, Cruelty Free Product, Not Tested on Animals 
  • TRAVEL SIZE FOR CONVENIENCE:- Our Mosquito Spray Comes in a 150ml Bottle, Making it The Ideal Insect Repellent Travel Size Bug Spray for Your Luggage. It’s Small, Convenient Packaging Also Makes it Perfect To Keep Handy as Mosquito Yard Control or To Store Along With Your Camping Essentials
  • POWERFUL, LONG-LASTING MOSQUITO REPELLER:- With Up to 6 Hours Protection, & The Highest Quality Ingredients Made Right Here in the heart of Egypt, This is The Best Mosquito Repellent and Insect Spray Around, Keeping You & Your Loved Ones Safe From Dangerous Diseases Like Malaria, And Irritating Itchy Bites

100 % Natural Mosquito Repellent Off (Child friendly)