Shop the best acne-set treatments of 2021 at Hathor. 


Our acne-set is an acne-fighting kit that is right for your skin. Our oil trio work together to fight breakouts, eliminate excess oil and zap zits fast. 


Rosemary oil: is excellent at managing sebum production, which means your pores will be clearer, and your skin will be a lot less oily. It's anti-inflammatory as well, so it treats redness from frequent breakouts and reduces puffiness without causing further irritation.

Sesame Oil: is a cure for oily, acne-prone skin. It’s inflammatory and antibacterial properties fight pimples, infections and rash and make it effective in healing dryness and redness.

Moringa Oil:The linoleic acid found naturally in Moringa oil, is a key ingredient to treat acne.  It helps purify your skin.  It helps protect your skin from absorbing dirt and germs.  It regulates the production of excess sebum and prevents dirt and bacteria from getting clogged into the pores.

Acne Set