Your hair prayers have been answered! Banish breakage, thinning, baldness, and scalp irritation with nature's cure for hair problems. Garden Cress oil is nutrient-dense and regenerative, working to restore strength, thickness and length to ailing hair, and stimulating circulation to the scalp to aid in hair growth. It can also be used for acne and overall balancing of the skin, however, its primary use is for hair health.


You must dilute this concentrated essential oil first with a carrier oil (our Sesame, Almond, or Argan oils are great for that!) before applying to your skin. 


Combine with:

  • Coconut to maintain healthy/normal hair
  • Sesame, Moringa, Lavender, Argan, Rosemary to treat dandruff
  • Sesame, Rosemary to treat thinning hair
  • Rosemary for balding
  • Moringa, Argan, Rosemary to heal split ends


Still curious? Read the Oil Profile.

Cold Pressed Garden Cress Oil