There's little this oil can't do, helping you with everything from lightening scars to reducing puffiness under the eyes, reducing inflammation and skin irritation. It’s every goddess's best kept secret! Almonds contain nutrients that are good for your brain, skin, eyes, and much more. It boasts high levels of protein, omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E. 


Combine with:

  • Moringa, Sesame, Coconut, Lavender for dry skin
  • Sesame, Coconut for sensitive skin
  • Sesame to reduce redness
  • Moringa, Coconut, Argan to maintain normal skin
  • Sesame, Moringa to reduce signs of aging
  • Garden Cress, Moringa, Sesame, Rosemary to hydrate dry hair


Still curious? Read the Oil Profile.


Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil